‘I’m 26 with a body count of 26 women,’ Kenyan man stuns Maina Kageni in public confession

A married lady called in yesterday and confessed that she talks daily to her five exes. Her dear hubby knows because according to her, hiding these details from each other will create problems in a relationship.

She said, “My husband used to get calls from his former girlfriends, but wouldn’t answer until one day when I told him to pick up the calls. I have five exes and they are my best friends. When I got my first child, the first person to come see the baby was my ex, I even told my husband my ex was coming to see me.”

Adding, “During my dowry visits, my exes also came, they are the only people I invited.”

This set the pace for today’s Classic 105 morning conversation.

Mwalimu said as long as he concerned he is the second man in her life, her number two.

Most men think they are either number two or three – sexually – in their wives life.

The discussion was so interesting and heated from comments made by those who contributed to that discussion.

A caller said, “I spoke to a colleague of mine who told me ‘Hiyo number ni kidogo sana’. What? Turns out young men have relationships with countless women, and what’s worse is they often can’t remember your name or face girls.”

Well, that premise was shut down by his fellow man who confessed to have only one ex. He said that those men who sleep around with different ladies end up getting children who do not resemble their father.

According to him, he is 40 years old and has had only one ex, with whom he got a child with but parted ways after he took her to college and things seemed not to work out.

Currently he has a wife and two children who he claimed, completely resemble him.


Now listen in and hear about the man who has a body count equal to his age.Listen to the whole conversation below;



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