#IfikieWahu: Nameless tasked to explain who took a picture of him ironing his clothes

While most local artistes traveled to Eldoret, Nameless, Gidigidi, Nonini and Longombas were in Dallas, Texas to promote their music as well as meet their fans.
Veteran artiste nameless has been showering us with pictures of his time in Dallas.
He wrote

Fam.. If you in Dallas tonight make sure you go for this Kenyan throw back show featuring my brother @noninimgengetrue @gidiogidi and the logombaz… Mimi niko Hapa Houston so if you in town make your way to AVRY centre tonight…!!!

Nameless, who didn’t travel with Wahu was forced by circumstances to fetch an iron box and press his clothes. He posted the picture doing the chore that he captioned in his usual funny way.

“Hapa ndio being on Tour imenifikisha, hakuna bibi kukuorganizia hizi maneno… Hapa unajihumble na kujikumbusha bachelor days. #PIGAPASIBUDAAAA! #NamelessinHouston #wasagoodnight #juicepoolGeneral #mwanaumenikusurvive


Well, his fans want him to explain to his wife who took the picture;

Check out some comments;


mercy_brown1Tuanze na kuambia @wahukagwi Who took that fun picture lol

ibrah_the_soudyHukusomea boys skul nguo mtu huweka chini ya matress unalalia ukiamka ziko straight kama ruler

judemsella”Wewe kuisha,umejianika”

skg_godschosenWho took the pic???

[email protected] count this as a duty relieved off. Akirudi aendelee vivi [email protected] nimekusema

iam_tesh_merAliekupiga picha ni nani?







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