#Ifikie Zari: Will Zari consider hooking up with Ringtone after he did this? (photo)

Ringtone Apoko has been making headlines for his generosity after he took the term no chills to a whole new level with the outright and blatant acts of desire for the Ugandan socialite.

When people inquired whether his interest was genuine or it was just a publicity stunt, he produced cows that he was going to take to Zari’s parents as bride price and later on bought her a Range Rover.

However, Zari Hassan denied knowing him but promised to Google about him.


Well, seems like he is the most kind person. He met a sick man and offered to help and it is our hope that Zari might change her mind.

Zari’s vicious response to Ringtone will tickle you

Check out the the photo;


“This gentleman is diabetic, he fell down due to low sugar level and people around ran away. I stopped my car came out found sugar in his pocket which I administered to him and then he became well. #tendawema #tendawemanendazako #thisyear”

Well, his fans are having mixed reaction about him.

pizzahmwituWe are living at times when you help someone it can’t go without posting on social media. @ringtoneapoko

fenny_awinoMust you tell us your good deeds? You want us to appreciate you or what?

wanyenjeThat’s called ministry.. As a christian believer, you have shown a good example keep the ministry of God alive very good you

alexgm_ketuMay GOD bless you abundantly ringtone.may HE add favour upon you in jesus mighty name. Alafu sasa si pia mmi nliota nkisukuma range rover yangu iliyokua imekwama kwa matope kuamka najipata nkisukuma kitanda yangu.sasa si pia mmi uniokolee jo.

msaniichipukizi@zarithebosslady Alikataa a real man like u.. A man who can stop a Rangerover na kusaidia. Bro God bless u so much



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