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‘If you want someone like your mother go stay with her’ Women slam men for wanting them to be like their mother’s (Audio)

Kenyan men have been accused of wanting their spouse’s to be just like their moms.

While Maina Kageni thinks that it’s impossible to find your mother in today’s woman. Mwalimu King’ang’i thinks its paramount to drop some habits especially the drinking bit.

The modern woman drinks more than the men do with them thinking this crop ow women have a drinking problem.

Here is what fans had to say during the Morning show on Classic 105.

“Whats wrong with me having with my friends? A long as I am not cheating on you or forgetting about my responsibilities as a wife why complicate things?.The thing is men are the most selfish creatures, Raha jipe mwenyewe”

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Another says

“Talk to these men and tell them to stop acting so perfect, tell them we are also looking for our fathers in our men. Men who are worth to be introduced as husbands without the fear of guilt and doubt.”


Just when you think the dram has stopped another female callers drops this bombshell

“We ladies are looking for marriageable men too. If you met me at space lounge you know the kind of woman I am and If you feel like I am not your type stick to your lane.

You are forgetting that such habits require one making a conscious decision on when to drop them but the modern woman is independent and further more you have your life and I have mine and hatutakufa pamoja.”

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Another female caller adds that provided she is not asking for money from her man to go party, then she owes no one an explanation on how she lives her life.

Just when you think you have heard enough another adds

“If you met me in Space Lounge why do you want to change me?And if you want someone like your mother si u go stay with her. Why are you giving me responsibilities that aren’t mine?

If we had met in church that would have been something but now we met at a club. Further more I am going out with my own money so whats the problem? This is not the time of our mum’s this is a mew generation.

For now vumilia mpaka ile siku ntakunywa nitosheke.”

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