If You Thought Online Dating Doesn’t Work, Think Again

Kenyan WomenWe have heard on countless occasions of people who visit different dating sites looking for love. Well, that is not necessarily the case, as some people just sign in to see what exactly the sites are all about or what they have to offer.

The world out here is cruel, and hearts have been broken. The next option that people feel will work for them is definitely the dating sites.


Gone are the days when one would wet their pillows with endless tears just because a guy or lady has left them.

At first, the whole dating site culture was more of a Western thing. Most of us learned about this from movies, although movies tend to exaggerate most parts of it.

Well, the dating sites are not only valued in Western countries, but in Kenya, too. Yes, we too are interested in finding the one that completes us.


Reports indicate that 14% of Kenyans are actually using different dating sites to find their true love. The reports continue to reveal that women are actually the biggest participants, with 8 out of 10 women finding the one they’ve been dreaming of.

The dating sites indeed do help individuals to find their lost soulmate, and if you are still doubting this, you need Jesus.

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