If You Do This, Then You Are Annoying On Facebook

We all have friends on Facebook who annoy us so much, but there is no way to tell them because after all it’s their profile and they can do as they wish. If you notice people don’t like your photos or comment on your status, here’s why:

1. You invite people to play games.

2. You share pictures that say ‘share if you love your children/sister/brother’ etc.

3. You share inspirational quotes .

4. You write posts that are obviously aimed at someone who has hurt you and you say things like ‘funny how one minute you mean something to someone and the next minute they just disappear’.

5. You over exclaim!!!!!

6. You Write Your Statuses Like This or SoMeTiMeS LiKe ThIs.

7. You change your profile picture every day.

8. You post too many pictures of your baby .

9. You post countdowns to your wedding day that nobody really cares about.

10. You write statuses like ‘want to wish my gorgeous boyfriend a happy birthday. Don’t know where I’d be without you babe. I love you so much. Can’t wait for our day together’. Like, isn’t he right next to you? Just say it out loud. 

11. You invite people to ‘events’ which are online shopping events where you try to sell rubbish overpriced ‘wonder products’.

12. You share ‘1 like = 1 prayer’ statuses thinking Facebook will actually donate a pound for each one. 

13. You add people to mass messages.

14. You upload at least two selfies a week. 

15. You upload pictures of yourself with inspirational quote captions.

16. You post pictures and statuses that we all know are for the sole purpose of making your ex jealous. 

17. You share bullsh*t like ‘Let’s Make Britain Ours Again!’ with union flags all over it.

18. You post statuses talking about how all you need is your BFF and you’re ‘for ever single’ until obviously one of you gets a boyfriend.

19. You post a status that doesn’t make any sense and put ‘personal joke’ and tag your friend. If it’s a personal joke why are you broadcasting it on a public forum. Idiot


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