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‘If you can’t support the fact that I’m alive I ‘m sad for you’ says Jamby Koikai

Recently Jahmby Koikai opened up about being shunned for coming out publicly seeking financial help for medical treatment abroad.

It is sad that people are quick to judge and criticize her without really taking the time to understand what endometriosis is, its side effects, and the financial constraints that come with the disease.

She took to her social media platform to address the issue, stating that  fighting endometriosis is not as easy treating a headache.

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‘ No amount of words can ever console or comfort grief’ says Jahmby Koikai

She wrote

“I’ve just seen a group on facebook discussing my health and my fundraising. Well i begin by stating this. You go misdiagnosed for 19years. You undergo more than 12 surgeries. You lose your job. While you’re at it, your grandma who raised you has pancreatic cancer stage 4. There’s only one person working with an income helping the entire family. She couldn’t manage it alone. The entertainment company you run is out of business.You step out and still hustle while you’re sick. You have no medical insurance. After every hospital admission in Nairobi, comes a bill of 300k. You later find out what the problem is. You arm yourself with all the knowledge and information. You embark on a journey to find doctors who can treat you. You get to America and the surgery is done. You develop more complications. The American healthcare system is nothing close to our system at home.

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The bills are crazy. I’m recovering greatly and if that is something that makes anyone doubt my fight, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry and sad that anyone would think I’m here taking advantage of people. I’m relearning everything. My body was reset to factory settings. It’s so sad that people still have so much to say. I’ve laid my life bare for the whole world to see sometimes against the wishes of my family because i want to live.

‘I’ve been shunned quite alot since I came out asking for help’ says Jahmby Koikai

Jahmby goes on to add that she is fighting hard because she believes she is still alive for a great reason , strongly stating that she won’t stop fighting until she is fully healed.

“I’ve fought to live,i’m fighting so that other women will never have to fundraise and go through this frustration.I’ve rebelled against what doctors told me at home,God’s been with me,i have heard loads said about me.I won’t stop until i am 100% recovered .Nobody wants to be in my situation.

No one wants this frustration ,It’s mentally ,physically and emotionally draining.If i die they would still talk ,i am here for a great reason and if you can’t support and genuinely cheer the fact that i’m alive ,i’m sad for you.

If you seriously can’t cheer the fact that i’ve brought hope to so many little girls i’m sad for you,Recovery is not easy ,i am not recovering from a headache i am recovering form decades of pain pain you would never understand.I’m against  women who always put other women down,its plain wrong.”

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