If the mother of your child has moved on, should the new man raise your child?

The Friday morning August 20 conversation was all about men not wanting to financially take care of their children because the mother has moved on to a new man.

The topic generated heated discussion with Mwalimu Kingangi saying if she has moved on, then the new guy should pick up from there.

A man even told Maina that a woman who is not capable and willing to take care of a child by herself has no business getting pregnant in the first place.

“I cannot believe how these men think. This morning I want to talk about childcare when she is in another relationship coz that’s one thing Kenyan men cant stand”

Mwalimu jumped in asking “she has moved in na bado ana expect support?”

Maina told him the child remains his regardless “but that is your child how does that remove responsibility from you? Does that child stop being yours because she is seeing someone else?”

Mwalimu tried to defend his opinion that once a woman moves on, its not his problem anymore “si amechukuliwa na mwingine hii no gari imechukuliwa na tumeuza gari na tuma transfer logbook si tumemalizana?umetransfer mandate hiyo gari huyu mwingine ndio ata lipa.”

Maina opened up discussion to the audience who had quite some pins.

A man agreed with Kingangi that women have commercialized child support.

He said “in kikuyu we say that ukipenda ngombe unapenda mkia na so if she goes you cannot continue supporting coz you cannot interrupt her in another relationship. She has moved on now let the other man  take care of the kid”

An upset woman told off men siding with Maina kageni.

“Kwani women dont have feelings and shouldn’t move on? Si tulizaa na wewe? Ebu they stood that nonsense”

Dear classic 105 fam, if she has moved on to a new man, should he now raise your child?



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