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‘If she doesn’t want kids she is just a prostitute’ Shouts city man (Audio)

During the morning conversation on Classic 105, a male caller angered women who do not want to have children by referring to them as prostitutes.

According to him, the sole purpose of women is to bear kids adding that if he wants 18 kids, there should be no debate about it.

“If she does not want to give me kids let her go. What’s the benefit of me living with her if she can’t give me kids.

I can’t live with her, she came purposely to be my companion and give me kids if she doesn’t want to she should just go, after all she is just a prostitute and not a wife.”

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Here is what the listeners had to say

“I have seen white people living with their wives even when they cannot bear kids. I think that Africans get married for the things we want and not for love.

Even in a chance where a lady can’t bear children for natural reasons she gets divorced. It’s something tumezoea and it’s very sad.”


Another adds

“How can you settle with some one who does not want to bear you children? Is she going to just stay there like a flower.”

As if that is not bad enough another male listener says

“What’s the essence of marriage kama hakuna watoto? If a car cannot give you service, it’s not worth buying.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another male caller stated that the ONLY reason men marry is for procreation.

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Another adds that if a woman feels she does not want kids, she is better off not getting married.

“A woman who does not want kids does not understand what marriage is all about. Are you supposed to just sit there and look at each other?

We get married for procreation and to grow the society so personally I think if someone has already decided they don’t want kids, they should not get married.

And just to correct the man who called such women as prostitutes, they are NOT.”

Listen to the debate in the audio below;


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