If my wife makes six figures, my place is in the kitchen

This is what we call mwanaume kamili – a real man getting real about life.

How normal is it for a man to shout that he is willing to be a house husband if his wife makes more money?

A man has set off a storm after writing that if his wife brings home the bacon, then his place is in the kitchen making sure she has a hot meal when she comes back home.

He has admitted in a hearty post that he will worship the ground she walks on much to the amusement of others who grudgingly accepted it too.

Fellas, be honest would you quit your job to cater to your wife if ever you found yourself in such a situation?

If my wife makes six figures, catch me surprising her at work with a home cooked lunch everyday

lmao My wife makes 6figs and is the primary earner. I make sure all she has to do is go to work, and in the evenings she bonds with baby. Everything else is done by me and the older kids. Literally EVERYTHING else. And we love it.

Ok but men don’t really believe this. They barely like successful women

News flash your place can be in the kitchen no matter how many figures your wife makes

Where do I sign up? Kitchen finna be spotless Man dancing

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