“My girlfriend of 1 year wants to abort our child.”Cries city man (Audio)

A Kenyan man is in turmoil after the woman he has been dating for the last one year told him point blank that she was going to abort their unborn baby.

This is despite the fact that the man is working hence having financial stability. He confessed of this heart breaking story during the morning show on Classic 105.

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He says

“I have been dating this lady for the last one year, providing for her, paying her rent. She called me and told me point blank that she wants to terminate our baby.

I can’t understand her given that I am working so I can take care of the baby. I have tried convincing her otherwise but it has failed.

We are both working and living in Nairobi. I have left everything to God.”

Crying man
Crying man

Another says

“If she does not want to give me kids let her go. What’s the benefit of me living with her if she can’t give me kids.

I can’t live with her, she came purposely to be my companion and give me kids if she doesn’t want to she should just go, after all she is just a prostitute and not a wife.”


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Another caller adds

“When you married her she came as a helper and to bear you children. I’m the head of the family and the FINAL decision maker if I say I want 18 children then we will, it’s not negotiable.”

Listen to the heated debate as listeners give their views on the topic in the audio below

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