‘If I do go back to media it will have to be something that will excite me’, Terryanne Chebet

Terryanne Chebet was a business news presenter for Citizen TV before losing her job after a shake-up that saw several journalists lose their jobs. She later ventured into business full-time.

During an interview with Ebru TV she talked about whether she would go back to media, if presented the opportunity.

She said:.

“When you think you are good at your job, then you face retrenchment, you start losing confidence with yourself and that is what affects most people. It is the biggest challenge.


I had a fall back plan, I had two business plans. You know such things when they come, you want to deal with them privately, but this was too public and most people knew about it. Until today, I walk in places and even the security guards tell me ‘Terryanne aki pole sana usijali Mungu ako na plan’, It took a while before, because I would get strong, then I get to the car and the tears come but i had to look strong at that time. It has taken a long while but I have had a very strong support from some group of friends and my family was right there for me from the beginning. It was difficult and the most emotional period I have ever gone through in my life.”

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Asked if she hopes to go back to media, Terryanne said;

“I say never say never although I think things happen the way they should happen. If I did not lose my job perhaps I would have to wait a couple of years to get another baby. It was difficult  balancing family and work, though I still think everything happens in its own time. I am in a different space now which I am enjoying so much. I also think I was in a comfort zone then in the media because I had done business reporting for quite a long time. Sometimes I could be called to do an interview where I am just in a comfort zone and I would still do it without research. I needed a little kick to get back and get my energy on and that is where I am now.

If I do go back to media, it has to be something that will excite me again. As a media person you have to network and that is what I have been doing.” She concluded.

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