‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

Kenyan Female DJ and actress, Pierre Makena has taken to Instagram to slam those people who think or say that she depends on a man for success.

In a long post, this is what she had to say,

‘The diary of a DJ mom

Att. Anyone who depends on man for success.’

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‘It’s amazing how much I have studied and understood the people that smile with or at me in my industry.

1.No one wants you to be better than them.(word)

2.No one wants you to know the bad things they say behind your back about your success (they can’t deal with the fact that u get favor from God.)


3. They can steer a conversation just to find a way to bring you down esp in front of your client.(but Pierra is crazy. Did you hear what she did at.)

4. A mistake to them is a mess up to you. You need to be punished. (She did what????)

5. You are not good why you here again????(because it’s not about your report)

But one thing that’s clear through if a man was to determine my success i’d have been finished by now

But God made a promise, he has promised to bless me regardless. He is not petty.’

Pierre Makena is a single mom who works hard to make her daughter proud.

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