If a man takes more than six months to propose, dump him – Bishop advises


Girls what’s the absolute longest you would wait before your bae proposes?

An article about why men waste women’s time in the Standard newspaper formed the basis of the Monday morning conversation on Classic 105.

Maina and Kingangi debated the matter with Maina insisting that too many Kenyan men are wasting womens time instead of making their intentions clear from the beginning of the relationship.


Mwalimu shocked Maina by declaring that infact men want to propose but it’s the woman who wastes his time. Really? Maina wasn’t having this story.

A Classic 105 fan named Bishop called in to weigh in on the matter. He advised woman that if a man doesn’t propose within six months of dating, then she should ‘run for it’ because he will waste her time eventually.

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Girls, when dating how long do you wait for the proposal? Is six months good enough for you or too soon?

Here are things a man considers before popping the question to you.

He thinks about himself as a husband and family man. He also considers your parents and trying to impress them. He is trying to figure out the method of proposing, that also goes hand in hand with the type of ring to buy the woman of his dreams.


While some would prefer to be in a relationship for years before thinking about getting married, others said time doesn’t really matter. Read reactions from Classic fans below:
Alphas Arap Lagat©..
@Classic105Kenya When a man dates you for a long time you ladies, he’s trying to understand, learn, know who you’re, tests your patience and your true love. If you fail on those that’s when he knows you aren’t the one. No time wastage ladies but ultimate test. #MainaAndKingangi

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Maina you are misleading women ! Propose what ? Try put a ring on her hapo ndo shida and real her exposes itself . Utajua hujui ni kichwa

A caller said “Men who date for more than one year without proposing to ladies are just wasting their time. If it goes more than that ladies dump that man”

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