This Is Why Idris Sultan Decided To Be A Comedian

Idris Sultan is a man of many talents, and over the years, he’s proved that he can do it no matter the situation.

Having been pronounced the winner of Big Brother Hotshots 2014, Idris has been up and running to make sure he builds his career and makes his name a brand.


During an interview with Talk Media Africa, he revealed what he has been up to ever since he left the house.

I have never been so grateful in my life. It has been super amazing. I’m learning so much and have been rated as one of the most loved actors and comedians in East Africa. I have made a few mistakes in the past three years and they have made me who I am (an ass, lol). I started a few companies, some performed well and some failed, and here I am, about to launch a massive shoe brand. It has been great, I swear,” he told the writer.


He went ahead to reveal what really made him to join the comedy world, as it is takes courage to actually make people laugh.

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He said, “I have a plan of being in Hollywood soon and stand-up has been one of the branches I love to explore. My show has finally been the most sold-out comedy show in Tanzania.”

Idris got the opportunity to host the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2016 alongside Vimbai, and he saw that as an opportunity to try out something new and get out of his comfort zone.


He narrated his experience, saying, “First time hosting a big awards show beginning to end, and I must say it felt amazing thanks to Vimbai by my side because I might have fainted or sweat like a footballer. By the time I was on stage, I was surprised the way I was cheered, each time bigger than the previous. It’s either they loved me or someone said, ‘Here he comes, guys, clap clap or he ll cry.'”

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