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‘I wouldn’t hide my baby mama if I had one,’ Guardian Angel

Gospel artiste Guardian Angel has refuted claims that he has a baby mama.

This was after his fans questioned a post he had put on his social media platform.

Weeks ago, Guardian posted a the caption below and it left his fans with more questions than answers.

You never know the love of a parent until you become one.

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Many wondered if he had a baby mama and if he did, why would he keep her a secret.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with, Guardian said,

That was just a quote I picked up from google.

I thought the quote related with my situation with my dad. Most of these quotes we use don’t relate to us, its just something you share because some people relate to it.

If I had a baby mama I would never hide it.

Guardian Angel on a white bench

He adds,

Getting children out of wedlock happens to people sometimes even my mother was born again when she got me.

Fornication is wrong but when a baby is involved there is nothing you can do as you cannot kill/abort as that is another sin before God.

If all kids born out of wedlock were not to be blessed then I would not be where I am today.


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