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“I would never pay” Maina says about ridiculous school fees demands


The fees structure that Kenyan parents are paying to send their children to school was the subject of angry condemnation from Kenyans who slammed schools for taking advantage and including unnecessary items.

One such angry parent told Maian Kageni that her child’s school is asking for a motivational fee for teachers.

She provided proof as Maina objected saying this is exploitation and would never pay. In fact he says he would protest and rally

Malimu King’ang’i told him that parents have no choice but to pay otherwise their children will be bullied by school administration.

“What is norma about these charges? what are these costs parents? and why don’t you ask what they are? ati motivation fee, I cannot wrap my mind around that” maina said

Mwalimu said “those ones in kindergarten pay more fees than those in parallel degree programs. Parents cant object they are told if you cant afford the fee take your kid somewhere else, if you cannot afford basi toa mtoto uende umsomeshe, kenyan parents are finished, hakuna ya kuwatetea, and do you know there are some things included in the fee structre that are not there”


Dear Classic 105 parents, do you just pay the money to avoid your child being victimized? Or are you a problematic parent who raises their voice to ask tough questions?

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