I would give my parents money to my girlfriend – Mike Mondo

‘Adhis knew she had me at the palm of her hand if she asked me to jump I would ask how high, do you know I would take my parents change to Adhis that was in Mombasa if my mum asked me I would tell her fare imepanda that’s why I don’t have any change. She is now married with two kids. We stay in touch once on in a while she knew I would do anything for her,’

A woman told Mike she has a tattoo on her chest of a jobless man ‘niko na haka kijana we even have our tattoo on our chest. I’m so serious the love I have for him, when we split, I started dating another guy who had alot of money, but I’m telling you I only wanted that other guy, he is also so crazy about me if one of us dies, I don’t know, hana job and if we leave each other, tunarudiana’

Do you have someone in your life who just simply drives you crazy? For men there is that one woman who when she wants something you will go to the ends of the earth for her, Ladies, do you have this someone?

s Kuna mwingine nakumbuka nilikua nae hadi nikauza kitanda nilale chini madam akae poaSmiling face with sunglasses lakini vile nili mature kidogo tukaachana nikajua kumbe ilikua tu utotoRolling on the floor laughing

its usually a crazy experience i have been there and weeh i could jump through hoops for that human…but glad iliisha cz walai ningejipeleka mathare for a mental evaluation. I was growing crazyCrying faceFace with tears of joy anyway its life.

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