I work for everything but I still get called a gold digger

The stereotype goes that all Kenyan women are after men for their money, and that men need to be wary of them as a result.

Women have been depicted as lazy, manipulative and frauds who are only after men for their money.

A woman has revealed she is always called a gold digger despite working hard for everything she owns.


Here is the meaning of a gold digger before we get into her story.

Gold Digger
The dreaded gold digger is the girl who makes wealthy men learn to guard the trust the bestow, and causes the women seeking these men to have to fight that much harder for a true relationship. She is readily available when the money is right and equally distant when there is none being offered.

Read her story below:

For the lat 15 years I’ve been looking for a husband but I can’t get one. I work, I’m not a gold digger, and I’m not a daddy’s girl, coz my parents passed away so I work hard to get my money.

The label continues to haunt her and anything she says or does prompts judgement

And when you go out you get a man they want to depend on you or they just want to go out with you and sleep with you, so they are dating more than three women at the same time. I have that experience coz I work in a hotel, and I see men coming in with so many girls, how can they say there are no women to marry, they are boys , they just want to impregnate us and take off.

She concludes that it’s ridiculous to always portray women as schemers out to get riches

What kind of a man is this? We are looking for responsible men, I’m on fourth floor, sitaki raha I’m looking for a man.

gold digger

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