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I woke up wanting a daughter – Father of two Jimal Roho Safi says



Somali businessman Jimal Roho Safi has confessed that he wants another baby. He hinted that he wants a daughter this time round. Jimal is a father of two boys.

Jimal took to his Instagram stories to tell that he even has baby names ready for his yet  to be born daughter.

He wrote this about his desire ‘I woke up this morning wanting a daughter. Fix it God’ adding a prayer emoji.

He then noted ‘I got a list of baby names I wrote down and I still have it this til this day I had Timira 0my mum0 name on my list since I was 21’.

It will be interesting to see who he chooses as the mother of his daughter, as the Chairman of Association of Matatu operators wife Amira has started the divorce process. He also broke it off with socialite Amber Ray, who also says she wants a second baby.

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