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‘I woke up missing you,’ Nyce Wanjeri emotionally remembers her late mum

Actress Nyce Wanjeri has remembered her late mum who passed on four years ago in an emotional social media post.

Nyce shared a post saying that she woke up missing her mum and wished she was around to give her a hug or even a call.

She added that alhough her mum is gone to see her success, she is proud of her.

She shared a throwback photo of her mum and captioned;

I woke up missing you so much aki. Just a hug or a call to you would have been Great.

I miss talking to you, laughing.

Ungekaa uone vile siku hizi najua make up 😂😂😂….. Sasa ona Mothers day haukuwa. Ningekukunywa make up😂😂, photo shoot na dress ya kimashuhuri💃😘 alafu niringe na wewe😂😂😂
Lakini bado niliringa na wewe. Nakumiss na nakufeel.

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Nyce Wanjeri with her mom when she was alive
Nyce Wanjeri with her mom when she was alive

In a past interview with Classic 105, Nyce said the biggest reason she wishes her mum could be alive is for her to see how her daughter has turned out to be.

“There’s a lot I would tell her. One thing I would like her to see is how her daughter has turned out. One thing I would tell her is ‘Thank you for letting me know that I can still choose me and still be happy’.”

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