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‘I witnessed a supernatural light,’ King kaka recalls how God saved his life

Rapper King Kaka says he saw some supernatural light when he was bedridden last year. 

In an interview with Jalang’o, King Kaka said he was almost giving up on life when the bright light appeared.

To him, that was God’s visitation at a time when he needed him most.

“I saw a bright light in the room at night when I was in darkness and had not eaten for a week, the following day after seeing the light I was able to take porridge and started feeling better, God visited me,” King Kaka said, thanking God for his life.

He says that he started feeling well after he had seen the extraordinary light as he bounced back to life.

“It is a blessing that I can now sit, was not able to, felt pain when  I tried sitting or walking, then now decided to go to the hospital.”

Rapper King Kaka / Photo: Courtesy

“I was not able to sit nor eat. I was given the wrong medication and I started losing weight, I lost about 30kg at that time,” he recalled. 

King Kaka says his slogan will forever remain “sio mimi ni God” (which means it is not me, but God) because he saw the hands of the man above.

The rapper became sick after being given the wrong medication at a local hospital, leading to a tremendous weight loss. 

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