‘I wished the father would have seen this’ Here is the event Pierra Makena wished her baby daddy was present to witness

Pierra Makena has on a few occasions had to deal with negative criticism on who her baby daddy is, but she is shutting away all negative vibes.

She has decided to turn the lemons life has thrown at her into lemonade by taking time to enjoy her daughters milestones, despite her baby daddies absence.

In a recent post she confessed that she would have loved to have her baby daddy with her as she  celebrated her daughters first concert.

“This week has been one great one.. but the highlight of it..was my baby’s 1st concert…I was literally in tears and over joyed at how mature and composed she was…… It was such a proud moment and for a minute I wished the Father would have seen this but again the ones who were there for her gave more real love….one thing I have learned is that so much of what we learn about love is taught by those who never loved us.


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Pierra’s daughter Ricca turned two in July and her mother could not hide her excitement, celebrating her with this message

“Its my babys 2nd birthday and OMG!!! I just cant hide the emotions of how fast they grow…Happy birthday my love…i love you tooo much..but God loves you even more…. may he always guide you and bless you forever….HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICCA!!!!”

Below are some photos of the little girl at different stages in her life. Isn’t she beautiful?





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