Vera Sidika in her Range Rover

I will wear a crop top to prove I’m pregnant – Vera Sidika promises fans

Vera Sidika has wanted to have a child for the longest time and this we know because she says it a lot.

I mean she even went to the extent of faking it on her YouTube channel a few years back, she had a whole bump in a video that was more than 30 min.

When she was in a relationship with Otile Brown there were those plans and after they broke up, Otile claimed Mrs. Mauzo aborted his child. To which she denied it all.

Taking to Instagram stories recently, Vera Sidika was asked why she doesn’t have a baby yet. She has been in serious relationships and now she’s married.

”People have this narrative that I am a bad b*tch and should be having like 10 kids with different baby daddies by now. Let me tell you a secret; bad girls are the most careful ones.Screenshot_20210324-222220_Instagram(1)

I can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I’ve never gotten pregnant coz I always prevent it. But the day I do, it’s cause I am ready at that time and want it…” Vera Sidika answered

But she has assured her fans she is not and to prove it, she will go live on Instagram today where she will show her tummy.Screenshot_20210324-222237_Instagram(1)

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