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‘I will sue KAA’ Sonko shouts after having his private parts electrocuted

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko on Thursday blasted the Kenya Airports Authority after he was allegedly ‘electrocuted on his private parts’ at the JKIA’s gents.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Sonko is said to have landed in the morning from London and visited the gents to relieve himself.

On pressing the flash button, he was “electrocuted” by hanging live wires an incident that provoked his angry reaction.During a Live Facebook video he says

Just landed from London, this is the state of our bathrooms.

KAA wake up what’s the point of paying millions of shillings to managers on salaries and yet they’re sleeping on their jobs.

The President means well for this airport the rest wacheni ushenzi. Nimepigwa shot kwa machine nikinyoraa if I fail to sire more babies I will sue KAA.

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He demanded to see the head of the cleaning department and tasked him to explain why visitors have to connect live wires to flash.

Below are reaction from Netizens

@_Wild_HoneyBee Replying to wanawake unyora, mabingwa ukojoa. Mind your language
@Nyasirwa Replying to Kwani aliguzisha kwa wall ya gents?  Hio wall huwa metallic na machine ilikuwa na electrons kiasi brrrrrrrrrrr
@JamesAtom Replying to Kwani he pressed the flush button using what ?
@reginanyabs Replying to ehe Nairobians your governor though.
@LowmexDerrick Replying to  Ame pigwa” SHOT kwa machine” hehehe tuna kuona governor
@plinguli Replying to @TheStarKenya @MikeSonko my able governor, umepigwa shot wapi?? pole lakini, this is Kenia

Below is the entire video.

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