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‘I will still join politics,’ Harmonize says after his mentor President Magufuli dies

Konde gang CEO Harmonize says that he is still passionate about joining politics despite the sudden demise of his political mentor, late Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli.

Harmonize, who was in the process of planning on how to clinch the Tandahimba parliamentary seat said his dream to run for the seat even with his main supporter gone is still there.

”To be honest, Magufuli used to say we will always remember him for the good he has done for this country, I will honour his memory and advice by doing exactly that, the good to my people.”

”His dream of me becoming an MP could come true. Inshallah I will keep pushing, thank you.” Harmonize told members of the fourth estate.

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Harmonize and the late president Pombe Magufuli were best of friends and has done several songs praising President Magufuli.
Magufuli died last week on Wednesday and was buried last week on Friday.

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