I will not have one child like my father – Ruth Matete

The new year is bringing new goals for Award winning Gospel minister Ruth Matete.

While dealing with a sick daughter and no househelp, Ruth told that she wants more children owing to her experience as an only child.

Ruth is the only child of Kenyan actor Abel Munga and this has made her feel some type of way. Ruth told she wants her daughter Toluwa to have siblings.

‘Almost ten days now without a DM..just at Toluwa and I. weuh. Tuseme tu yesu ni bana . Then she has homa. Running nose, watery eyes. Sneezing all through > Kumoee dawa is world war each time. This is the reason I will not have one child like my father. At least three kuendelea. sai my brother or sister would have come to be with me . Anyway, DM called me jana asking me to send her fare. Is that a good sign?. Should I be hopeful?Also, someone should come Toluwa kuvaa socks’

Ruth Matete, Toluwa and abel

Meanwhile Ruth has launched more voice coach lessons for interested Kenyans.

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