I will never allow my married boyfriend to dump me “it’s for life”



If you are dating this woman, sorry fellas.

Breaking up is hard to do, and it’s harder when you have a kichwa ngumu woman who won’t accept to be dumped.

One such woman called in and quarreled Maina Kageni why she will never be dumped by her married boyfriend.

Her argument pretty much was that the man had promised to love her forever, and so he cannot dump her EVER.

Even if you cheat on her or find other ways to break her heart, she isn’t going anywhere.cheater-462x450

She was prompted to give her take when the discussion about Karen Nyamu exposing her baby daddy Samidoh in a video. Karen was castigated by many that she should accept she was dumped by her married boyfriend.

The female caller was on Karen’s side arguing that married men promise them love for eternity, so there will be no dumping please.
“ebu nikuulize Maina, if you and I are dating, na kaa saa hi tupendane si utaniambia I am the only one. Unaniacha nini Maina kama uliniambia I’m your one and only, si it’s till death do us part? Si tuliagana till death us part? You told me I am your life, siwezi kubali nimedanganywa, kwa nini ukanidanganya, wewe utaona cha mtema kweli juu tuliagana na wewe tuliagana na wewe you are my life, unaniacha nini niende wapi? Kwanza Maina utakuwa umenipata kwa mlango nimekaa hapo, till death or you take me back to your house because I am your life, you confessed I am your life. I didn’t force you to tell me that”

Fellas, do you have such a side chick in your life?

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