‘I was too PERFECT but he still dumped me’, Heartbroken city woman cries

It’s said that it’s better to break your own heart by leaving rather than having that person break your heart everyday you are with them.

R.Kelly knows too well that when a woman loves, she loves for real thus whenever things don’t work out most women end up with crushed ego’s and self esteem.

A woman who thought of herself as perfect ‘ got the shock of her life after her man dumped her, leaving her heart broken because according to her, she gave him her all.

She wrote

“I am broken, Clueless, alone, Confused, betrayed, heartbroken, and crushed,after a while of been single i fell in love with a guy last year, gave him all of me(unconditional love) I was so in love with him. Things were smooth, I meet his family and friends..We saw almost everyday.. (we had this “perfect couple” picture). This year I noticed a drop in communication but I felt its because I travelled. I got back and things went worse, he was always saying he is busy, giving one excuse or the other with all this i never loved him less and saw i reasons with him for been busy and all.


Fastforward..I called him to let him know things were dying gradually and I got the shock of my life..He just told me on phone he needed a break(breakup)..I cried my life out and I am still affected. Worst of it all is that there is no reason for the break.We never had a fight through out our dating history, I wasn’t materialistic and I was just that perfect girl..
I have always been broken in all my relationships. Is it that I am not just lucky with guys or I have not found the right person?”

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Here is the response she got

nnu.girlie…Maybe you were too perfect.. How can’t you fight with someone you’re dating @king_casper1st get in can’t we fight 😒
dickmatized_girl…are you sure you were that perfect? What if you guys seat down and discuss, at least to know the reason. It could help you for the subsequent relationships
iam_kween_diamond…Being to perfect is imperfection in itself. Don’t be a troublesome fellow but the drama once in a while spice up the Be careful next time and do not rush into love.
abaewithpurpose…The problem is that u are perfect and he knows it, keep a man guessing and he keeps been intrigue, thus, no over familiarity.
sylviachineze…God will send you your own. Be strong. The Lord is your strength..
[email protected] …no he prefers someone else. Don’t let any book lie to you
alabi.adejumokeT….hey can’t cope with your worth that’s why… You worth much more than them… It will weigh you down for now but don’t let it get into you too much because you’ve got so much more ahead of you! You will be fine

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