I was told to hug my suitcase like it’s a girl – TBT of Form 1’s being bullied


Dear KOT, were you bullied in form one and what crazy things were you forced to do?

Classic 105 audience’s told Maina the horrific things they went through as Form one students in the hands of bullies.

Here are some and as you ribs crack, send woishe comments please.

  1. Mwalimu Kingangi told him how they were told to use buckets to go outside and collect darkness
  2. I was told to count my hair
  3.  I was told to buy bread ith 50 cent
  4.  I was in aKiambu school and made to carry avocado in my horts everyday until itwas ready to be eaten Huyo jamaa alikuwa anaifinya kuona kama imeiva If i didnt have it in my pocket he wouild beat me
  5.  I used to be told to washthe dirty and smelly socks of the bullies in 10 seconds. Can you imagine? alitufanyia ujinga
  6.  There was a guywho used to give us a branch of a tree so that we drag it everyday to make that noise
  7.  We were told to funga kamba on his bed and bark like a dog
  8.  I was told to take a picture and draw a mandazi and utamu yake
  9. We were told to hang ontop and imagine we are mangoes that are ready na unagukle ati sisi ni maembe imeiva anguka sasa na saa hiyo umeshikilia rail.
  10.  I was told to sit by his bedside and sing lullaby until he sleeps and if he wakes up you continue singing
  11.  I was told to lie on my suitcase and imagine that it’s a girl and hold it until my family jewel stands

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