Kirigo Ngarua

‘I was supposed to meet Fidel Odinga on the day he died’ Confesses Kirigo Ngarua as she opens up on losing her job at Citizen

Kirigo Ngarua is among media personalities who faced the axe when the Royal Media Group started letting go of some of its staff.

And although she is still in the limelight, she is not doing it as a TV presenter any more. In an interview with freelance journalist Yvonne Aoll, Kirigo disclosed that she was given the sack minutes before going on air.

She also opened up about her close friendship with the late Fidel Odinga, whom she talked with just a day before he passed away.


She says

“I spoke to Fidel the day before he passed away. We were supposed to meet up that day. I was at the Artcaffe in Junction, and he asked me to meet him at the Artcaffe in Westlands, and I thought, I can’t leave one Artcaffe to go to the next one, that would be ridiculous. So we put the meet-up off and planned for a later date. And then, he died.”

Despite knowing that sooner or later she would leave Citizen TV, Kirigo was still shocked at how fast things unfolded, adding that

“I think a part of me had known it for a while, and the bosses had been kind enough to offer me different opportunities, so I stayed. But in the end, I just wasn’t really happy, and they could tell. But we tried.As much as I enjoyed the show I wasn’t ‘growing’…and it showed to those who knew/know me, I mean, here I am, a girl with her Masters in International Diplomacy, a topic I so love but never got a chance to discuss it.”


She concludes

“Let me tell you what I think failed me – not leaning in and explaining my desires and frustrations. So here I was, not entirely happy but hoping that the world would notice and make it easier for me, you would think I would have resigned if I wasn’t happy but I didn’t, I was scared of the unknown,”

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