I was starstruck by ‘hot’ Barack Obama – Madonna

Madonna recalled being ‘starstruck’ by ‘hot’ President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday and also proposed to the host.

Madonna met Obama in June 2016 backstage at 30 Rockefeller Plaza while both were taping appearances for The Tonight Show.

Oh, my god. That is probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was completely and utterly starstruck. I was gagging

Madonna said.

I’ll never forget. You said to him, ”You’re the only reason I’m doing this show”. I can hear you, I can hear you. I was right there

Jimmy said.

‘The truth hurts,’ Madonna said before telling Jimmy that there were no ‘illusions’ this time and she was only there to see him.

Madonna earlier beat Jimmy in a Neon Dance Challenge in which they wore suits lined with neon lights while dancing.

She asked house band The Roots afterwards if they were ‘mad’ at her or disapproved of her dance moves.

‘You seem grumpy,’ she teased them.

She then poked fun at Jimmy about his dancing and called it ‘physical comedy’.

‘A good comedian has to be able to dance,’ she said when Jimmy took exception.

‘You do need a new hairstylist, but that’s another story,’ she quipped.

The Michigan native was promoting her fourteenth studio album Madame X that Jimmy noted was number one in 60 countries on the iTunes Charts.

‘I’m shocked and grateful and it never gets old. It’s like the first time every time,’ Madonna said.

Jimmy praised the singer for her ‘brain’ saying that she’s ‘smarter than the average bear’ and then stumbled while trying to say that it’s hard to guess her next step.


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