‘I was obsessed with being skinny’ Vera Sidika admits

Lots of celebrities are obsessed with being skinny, and go to any length to shed the weight.

Vera Sidika was once among those as she admitted in a candid message on Instagram, when marking three years since launching her slimming tea product.

Vera’s obsession with physical perfection led her to admit in a candid message that

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21st May 2020
🥳Today we Celebrating 3 years anniversary @veetoxdetox 🥂💚🥳
5 years ago I was obsessed with being skinny. I teamed up with the best detox pros in California,USA to help me achieve that goal. I was super thick before I went on Veetox trial & in 3 months I lost 15-20kg with Veetox extra 😱 These pics were actually taken after my weight loss 💚 I shared some @veetoxdetox with friends & family because I wanted to be sure it’s not just working for me and the reviews were incredible!!!! That’s when I got convinced @veetoxdetox was the best invention to help people struggling with weight, bloating, and those that desire a flat tummy. I’ve been nothing but blessed these past 3 years. You guys have been overwhelmingly supportive with Veetox & I’m always and forever will be grateful to y’all. Cheers to 3 years and to many more years to come 🥂

Vera also shared pictures of that time in her life when she hit her goal of being skinny, crediting her effort to slimming tea. The series of photos shows just how different she looks today.

Never in a million years would I have believed that she was ever skinny. Check out the photos

Vera Sidka weight loss

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One notable socialite criticized for being too skinny is Wema Sepetu, the 2006 Tanzanian beauty Quen who shared scary skinny pictures that prompted outrage from her fans.

It’s easy to be consumed by the idea of what the ‘acceptable’ weight is because we’re constantly bombarded with prejudicial adverts on skinny being better, or supposedly, healthier. Just be careful queens.

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