‘I Was NOT In Lagos With My Ex Boyfriend’ Vera Sidika Rubbishes Claims That She Hooked Up With VIOLENT Nigerian Ex (PHOTO)

Vera Sidika shocked everyone when she recently took to her social media to reveal her past violent relationship with a Nigerian man by the name Yommy.

The bootylicious socialite decided to spill the beans after the man leaked her nude pictures which ended up being shared online, and no woman wants to be put in this position.

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Vera Sidika introduced this particular ex-boyfriend back in September 2016 after celebrating her birthday, and everything looked rosy and blissful, but what many people didn’t know was the painful reality she was going through.


The two would later break up, around March 2017, and Vera revealed that part of the reason for this was his violent and controlling nature, and on top of all that, he lied about his personal life and intentions for her.

Apparently, the man has a lot of baby mamas in other countries but only shows off one of his daughters, and to add on to that, he’s a former convict and had promised Vera that he would change, but this did not happen.

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From Vera Sidika’s posts, it was clear that the man was not happy when she revealed that she was single during a TV interview, something that pushed him to insult and abusing her because he was not very happy that she broke it off.


Vera was recently in Lagos Nigeria, before flying to Los Angeles where she’s having a blast as she mixes work with a little pleasure. While in Nigeria, where her new man lives, she showed off his expensive $5,000 Rolex watch, making it clear that she had moved on.

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But sadly, some fans thought that she had gotten back with the abusive ex, who resides in Dubai, with some even telling her off for exposing him but still enjoying his company.

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Vera Sidika decided to clear the air, revealing that she was not with her ex, Yommy, while in Lagos, making it clear that he was not the one who bought her some expensive Louboutin shoes she had showed off earlier while there.

I was not in Lagos with my ex. Please, I’m tired. My ex never bought me any Christian Louboutin in his lie ever. Since I broke u[p with him 2 months ago, moved on long time ago. Pls don’t confuse my past relationship to any present. Thank you.

Vera seems to be doing just fine as she shared a photo while in Hollywood, with a caption that read; “HAPPY CHILD.”




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