‘I was kicked out after 26 years’ NIBS CEO Lizzy Wanyoike recalls end of marriage

On the My journey my series episode on Churchill show Sunday January 9th, comedian Churchill interviewed the CEO of NIBS college, Lizzy Muthoni Wanyoike.

The bubbly owner of NIBS recalled how she married young and naive, that she blamed on a strained relationship.

Lizzy told Churchill that from primary school her mother had always advised her to ogopa wanaume, and instead work hard, focus on school.

‘Come to think about it, I never actually grew up. We were very happy., but had nothing in common coz of the age gap. I was happier with my agemates, with the kids when they were home,, so there was a gap and it became serious. I think it got to a point he got fed up, we drifted, he couldn’t stand it anymore. The day I left my home I sat in the car and cried for 4 hours. I spoke to God and thought you could have given me this person who has kicked me out. I left everything there, the house, the cars, infact he he locked the gate so I had to check into a hostel, I ran to a lawyer’

Sadly for Lizzy, they had no marriage certificate and her then husband presented his other certificate to show he did not haver a union with her. ‘he presented to court his other certificate to show why he could lock me out, I think he was angry, so that’s what happened. I had to start life again after 26 years’

This did not dampen her spirit as as she picked up the pieces and explained to Churchill that that is where the Nairobi Institute of Business studies came up.

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