‘I was jailed after being framed for rape’ – Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy has opened up about being framed for rape by a lady whose advances he had turned down. The incident saw him jailed for a week.

This he revealed during an interview with ‘Oga Obinna’ on the segment First Time. Stivo was living in Kibera back then.

“She told her mum that I tried to rape her and she became agitated and obviously wanted to know the truth.

 So she got hold of me and took us to get tested to ascertain whether the allegations were true or false. The tests results proved that she was lying,” he narrated.

Stivo Simple Boy

The musician says despite it all the mom wasn’t satisfied and ensured he was jailed for an entire week.

His stay in prison was accompanied by beatings from his fellow inmates.

“I was jailed for a week. You get beaten inside there,” he said amid a burst of painful laughter.

That was not the only time he would get locked up.

While working as a security guard at a construction site Stivo was arrested after thieves made away with construction materials.

“My colleague had dozed off so I decided to do some rounds around the site. When I went to the washroom to relieve myself I came back and found some stuff (chuma) had been stolen.”


The following day I went home to rest only for us to be asked to appear in court the following day to answer to sort out the issue but I thank God He saved me from those shackles.”

Stivo says the tables turned on his colleague for dozing off at work and he ended up being jailed for two years.

Have you ever been arrested before?

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