‘I was forced to breastfeed my husbands snakes’ Narrates woman

A lady shocked many after she revealed that her ex husband once made her lie down and breastfeed a giant snake, locally known as ‘Omieri’ in Siaya county.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, the lady who did not disclose her name, narrated that her deadbeat husband’s family rears snakes in their homestead which they use to conduct their unorthodox rituals.

She claims that one day she was informed that she would be receiving special visitors in her homestead only to realize that she was to host three large snakes.

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Her husband and his family then ordered her to lie down and while one snake released on her back, one was suckling her breasts. Eeeew!

This, according to her in-laws, was to be her daily routine. If that’s not enough, she would then be feeding the animals with sugar free porridge and this, she was supposed to do while kneeling.

You can’t make this stuff up. Read her confession below.

“I met my husband in Bungoma town and besides being a night runner he has also ran away from his parental responsibilities of our two kids aged 3 years and 1 year 3 months respectively.

As if being a night runner is not hard enough her family also keeps a snake named Omieri as a pet, its known for swallowing people.

When I was taken to their home I was told that there would be a visitor and if he/she appeared I should not run away,I quietly sat there because I did not know it was meant to be 3 snakes.

One went to my back, while another suckled my breasts and while all this was going on my baby was also suckling. I however managed to run away form that home.”

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She concludes

“Before the I had been told that I would be the one who would be feeding them porridge without sugar and that I should do so while on my knees.

After the incident I hang around hustled and got enough money to cater for my fare and ran as much as I could, I even took my children to church for prayer.

Those things exist, there are 24 grave yards and whoever refuses to say what they are told is killed.”


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