DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne

‘I was dating my wife’s best friend before my wife won my heart’ – DJ Soxxy

DJ Soxxy is loved by many for his spinning skills and infectious energy. and away from the decks he is a doting father and husband.

He is married to Anne Wanjiku alias Ciiku Wa Soxxy, but before then he has revealed he was dating Ann’s best friend.


That’s not something most men would admit to but during a candid interview on k24, Soxxy says

“I was in Dagoretti High School. She was in State House Girls and during music festivals is when I met Ann’s friend. She was a nice girl and we started sending each other letters.

When we cleared school the relationship died. I later met my wife at Home Boys Academy and we started catching up, but we were not that close.

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She later moved jobs and went to work with a local bank. On this particular day I had gone to the bank to collect my ATM and other stuff but the person who had previously served me was not present.

Ann offered to help me out and even invited me for lunch with her friends and I said yes.”

Soxxy jokes that his wife at one time confessed that she and her best friend used to read the letters sent together,

“I think that’s where she said ‘Uyu mtu ana mistari ,Kufumba fumbua ikawa ni mimi na yeye”

Fast forward and the two are happily married with two adorable kids.

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