Akothee with her daughter

‘Take charge of your life as you turn 20,’ Akothee to daughter

Akothee is celebrating her daughter Fancy Makandia’s 20th birthday today.

To celebrate her, she has penned a very heartwarming letter to her daughter saying she is her most humble child.

“One of the most humble children from the uterus, all of you have given me an easy time in this single parenthood journey, that’s why I make it look easy.

“But for sure I have had lots of fun seeing you guys grow in my hands to beautiful educated women, the only wealth I have is my children’s success and health, the rest is show biz.

“I have done and broken my back for you, to see you live the life you have now💪.


She went on saying that although her dad left when Makadia was hardly five years, she does not regret.

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“Today you are a French student doing your things in french without going through things some of us had to go through just to be inside an aeroplane heading to Europe, including living & twisting your mind into falling in love with a man old enough to be your grandfather in search of love, security and acceptance 💪 the road has been bumpy and sweet at the same time, including calling a man who didn’t give birth to you ( DAD ) simply because He loves your mom.

“You are Papa Oyoo’s favourite child, and every time we fought, he knew I would take the children with me, but he would shout, ‘If you are going, leave my children out of your madness, including prudence, she is not your child, she is my daughter. Take Dion and Vesha with you to the village 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️!’

“You are the only one who would make Papa Oyoo take a flight from Europe to come attend your parents day. Now I want you to take charge of your life as you turning 20 today. 💪


Akothee went ahead to advise her daughter.

1. Never hesitate to share with me your challenges and fears of life. I am your mother

 2. Never be in a hurry to settle for a relationship, if it doesn’t work, it’s not meant for you.

 3. Accept a ‘No’ as an answer, but never accept defeat as your final goal💪

 4. Believe so much in yourself until people think you are abnormal, it has worked miracles for me.

 5. There is only one motivating factor, (success is sweet) so the path leading to harvesting the honey won’t matter, results do 💪

 6. Haters would not associate with you if you are not doing what they cant do, it’s what you are carrying that they want, otherwise, they don’t hate you the player, they hate the game because the player did it 💪.

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