‘I want to keep my romantic options open’ – mans reason for not posting wife’s photos


If your boyfriend never posts pictures of you on their social media, would you be concerned?

It’s embarrassing to admit wanting public validation from the person with whom you’re already the most intimate with, but a little ego boost from your partner boasting about you on social media can feel really good.

A man who won’t post pictures of his wife on social media, has a pretty selfish reason for not doing so.

He wants to keep his options open in case they break up.

The man told Maina Kageni where the topic was being debated that

let me ask you what is the difference if I put or don’t put you on my social media, why should I comment on her posts, if I just like it, what else does she want? Those people who post their spouses, then later when they break up they have to delete? What is the point of sharing her picture on social media? The kids will remain mine even if we divorce, but her she will go. This chick things can go wrong then I have to start deleting pictures, what time do I have for that? To even start explaining what happened? So I would never post her.

What does it mean when your bae never posts pictures of you?

couple pics
couple pics

Are we reading too much into people’s posts on social media?

What’s your take on this Classic 105 fam, are we overreacting to something that should be no big deal?


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