‘I want to be an Ambassador next year’ Maina hints about next move


Your favorite radio presenter Maina Kageni made a confession this morning in a discussion about next years career goals.

Maina and Kingangi were discussing how comedian Felix Odiwour is vying for the Langata seat in the 2022 forthcoming General election, and Maina dropped a bombshell on a stunned Kingangi.

Maina wished Felix the best in his political ambitions, noting that next year ‘Me I’m going to be an Ambassador’.

“I have never thought of a political seat, never ever I can’t even think about it. CS I can do me what I want is to become a Kenyan Ambassador to another country, me don’t take me to Gabon. My plan is to be an Ambassador”

Kingangi was not sure he heard right and asked him ‘unawacha kazi?’ and also begged him to take him along to the new job, but Maina told him he is dusty.

“I want to become a Kenyan Ambassador. I want to go to Switzerland or US aki please don’t take me to Gabon, my plan is to be an Ambassador and I need to be appointed before Uhuru leaves, hii maisha”

He told Kingangi he can’t tag along because ‘do you have diplomatic skills. Wewe  hujajipanga after next year?”

He didn’t answer when Kingangi asked ‘unataka kuwacha kazi?”


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