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‘I want a man who can jump on the table and grind for me’ Betty Kyallo



Betty Kyallo has been opening up about the kind of man she wants. She has really been speaking it into existence.

She started off by saying she wants a divorced man and in her latest episode on YouTube she broke down on her love language after Caren asked her about it.

“My love language to that budeskos watching and these potential men, is words of affirmation. I want a man who tells me B, you’re hardworking, you’re amazing, you can gerrit those things that make you feel unachochwa. That is my number one. Like the way when I dress up and come to the living room and you guys cheer me on. A guy just flooding me with kind words. My heart is just pounding.

The second one is gifts.” Betty said

Asking her sister Gloria on what her love language is, Betty was surprised that Gloria attracts the exact opposite of what she attracts, good guys.


“Quality time. We just chill cuddle and spend time together like watching the stars. My second one is acts of service, I had a boyfriend who used to do my homework for me even print and even bind it.” Gloria said

Caren, who is a very close friend to the family also talked of her love language and just as sweet and kind as she is, so are her love languages.

My love language is touch. Those people who touch you the right places. And gifts and it doesn’t have to be expensive

The girls love language got Betty saying that they like the softy kind of men which is not what she likes in a man.

I like my men a bit rough not smooth smooth guys. I want a guy to tell me to stop. I want a man to entertain me. A guy who will jump on the table and grind for me.

All this time, Ivanna was on her phone minding her business and probably thinking this is too much noise for her on a Saturday afternoon.

So dear boodesko as Betty likes to call them, you have all the leakage you need if you want to be her man. Cheza kama wewe.

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