‘I used to work the graveyard shift’ Citizens Koinange reveals the worst job he had

He is one of the most versatile talents that the country has produced over the years. The man has a CV that would put most high earners in the entertainment industry to shame.

The man who started off reading news on KTN the then-premier television station in Kenya was able to parlay his talents into a lucrative stint on CNN that ended in ignominy.

Jeff Koinange with George Weah
Jeff Koinange with George Weah

But he has bounced back admirably and is now one of the most recognisable and valued entertainers in the Kenyan media industry.

Jeff Koinange sadly reveals last words Bob Collymore ever told him

He recently revealed that he didn’t have it easy at the beginning with one of the first jobs he did was working at an American fast-food company, Mcdonald’s saying that it was the worst job he ever did. He recently related his experience saying,

I worked at Mcdonalds, it is like an American fish and chips shop. It was the night shift. It was the graveyard shift. It’s late at night, 2-3 a.m. in the morning, where you wear headphones and people are driving through and they pick up stuff coming in to buy.

Jeff Koinange smiling
Jeff smiling

The Citizen T.V anchor narrated that he would see the clients through surveillance cameras and take their orders. The man got his big break while working as a flight attendant as a very young man.

Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange 2
Bob Collymore with Jeff Koinange

He once explained how on the first day on the job, he impressed many with his voice on the aircraft so much that his seniors told advised him to use it for a different purpose.

‘I got a job with Pan Am Air (Pan American World Airways), I used to work as a flight attendant and when I was on the aircraft, most of you have heard (the announcer). I was 20 years old, they (then) said, “Listen, kid, go to school. One day you are going to get a lot of money with that voice.” That was it.’

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