‘I used to shop at night,’ Makena after coming out as an LGBTQ member

Bold Network CEO Makena Njeri says they felt judged and unwanted in the society soon after they announced their sexuality.

Speaking to Bien, Makena said they even preferred shopping at night so they could feel safe.

“I used to even shop at night coz during the day, there is so much judgement,” she said.

“I don’t want to meet someone who is like, why are you wearing a suit? Why are you coming with your partner? People don’t think beyond they go with the mentality this thing is wrong, the Bible say….'”

Asked how their parent would have reacted if they came out at the age of 17 years, Makena said they hopes that their parents at that particular point would not have contributed to the trauma of them being locked out in whichever room for speaking their truth.

“I hope my parents would have created a safe space for me back at home that I don’t have to wait till am 17 years. I don’t want to be put in a conversion society where I am explaining to people why I chose to be me.”

“Like please go see a therapist. Gender identity is how I feel not how physically I appear.”

Makena said the unique fashion sense in men´s office suits was her number one way of coming out.

“Fashion was my number one flag for. My mum was like this Sunday you wore a trouser the next wear a dress but I used to dread that Sunday I used to wear a dress,” they said.

Makena’s message for those who want to come out is that they do not have to wait till they are 17 years.

“Be safe and come out on any age but only if you know you are safe coming out to your parents.”

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