I used my husbands phone to text his side chick for a whole month


Is it right for a wife to contact a husbands side chick if she finds out that he is cheating?

No, according to one amused wife who told Maina Kageni that she decided to chat with the side chick for one month while her husband was away in rehab.

She confessed to her deeds

“My hubby fell sick, so he went to rehab, so sasa me si you don’t go with your phone there, so si yeye akaenda nikabaki na simu and then at one point in timeI remembered his pin so I put on his phone and found a ka side chick. Then I decided to find out what’s goign on by chatting to her, I didn’t tell her it was me, so we chat on whatsapp, and I told her don’t call I will get caught just text me, woi Jesus I was on the roof laughing”black-girl-phone

The side chick really went in with the conversations

“heeh she told me how she was missing him and moving in together plans, it went on like that for like a whole month, we were just texting each other and I played along like I’m the husband and she kept responding. I’m telling you hawa wasichana hawa the things I will tell you I will die. Eventually when my husband was almost coming out I wrote to her I told her it’s his wife she had been chatting with. She was like what!! and why are you texting like your husband? I told her when two become one, they becoem alike, I know how he thinks and writes so it was easy and then I told her he is coming out and I know about you guys. I had a convo with my husband and he was under the table, imagine maina let me tell you jamaa alienda chini ya meza akasema yenyewe hapo umenishika you have caught me I surrender and I am sorry and from now on hiyo relationship imeisha, and he ended it. He was sweating, you know that sweat that runs down your spine? kondoo inajileta kwa kichinjio”


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