Big Ted

‘I stood there in disgust, seeing that woman right there changed my heart’ Big Ted tells how seeing a prostitute deep in prayer changed his life

Big Ted has opened up on how he once misjudged a prostitute after seeing her praising and praying in church.

This change in perception was occasioned by gospel artiste Wahu, who changed how he perceived people.

Big Ted

He says

“Many years ‘sister’@wahukagwi was invited to perform in town..she took me to a certain night church that was held in the CBD it was Nairobi Friday night the atmosphere was totally charged & electric.
loud Afro music from the club next door and a cocophony of others filled the air..the town full of energetic Nairobians looking for a good time on the town…The church was dimly lit with coloured stage lights bouncing off the walls an amazing band & worship team led by one of best male vocalists I know…

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wahu k
The twist was that the church was established & targeted mainly at twilight girls…i love worship and as the Praise part ended my ‘bible school attended church going self-righteous -ego stood up and announced myself to every eye that could see through the dark…See I felt I was the best placed RIGHTEOUS guy in the room to worship God..I felt that THESE other guys in the room had NO business lifting their hands to praise God intact I reasoned that I knew who they are, I know what work they do..i mean some of them were actually in their work clothes..”

He adds

“I stood their in disgust assuming the role of God the father..a young girl deep on her knees caught my eyes..her hands held out, tears rolling down her cheeks & in active conversation with ‘Her’ God..that right there changed my heart..I mean What was she telling the HOLY ONE..
was He even listening, Will God answer her? I mean I had already JUDGED & DISMISED her & everyone else based on my position YET I also probably engaged in every aspect of the same only now without PAY..


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LISTEN you judge someone not when you assess their position, but when you dismiss them as a have to love the person more than you love your position on that particular issue and It’s what you do after you tell someone the truth that’s easy to Judge some1 because U sin differently..Jesus told us the harsh truth about our sin BUT he still brought us in close. and made us, even as sinners, his friends..that even with YOUR DIRTY & FILTHY self YOU can still approach the throne of grace with Confidence so that you may find GRACE & obtain MERCY in your time of need Heb 4:16

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