‘I stole my mother’s boyfriend, will she ever forgive me?’ asks city girl

Betrayal hurts even the strongest of men, especially when it comes from a person whom you trust and in some circumstances forgiveness is impossible.

Daughters and mothers are meant to be best of friends, but would a mother be willing to forgive her daughter if she betrayed her by stealing her man away from her?

Helen Steiner once said

“A mothers love is patient and forgiving when all others  are forsaking .It never fails,never falters even though the heart is breaking.”


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A young woman found herself in a dilemma after betraying her mother by stealing her boyfriend only for him to dump her after she delivered a deformed baby.

Now that everyone has run away from her, she is seeking for help on how to approach her mother.

She wrote

“I married my mum’s boyfriend,my mum is a widow,my dad died very early so my mum started dating,I felt the guy was too young for her so I feel in love with him and snatched him from her with pregnancy and he married me .Out of anger my mum disowned me and asked never to set her eyes on my again.”


She goes on to add what transpired after her mum disowned her

“I moved to Lagos with him and we got married ,I gave birth and the child was deformed, so my husband abandoned me and disappeared, I am suffering and don’t have anyone to help me,I hear my mum is living large and has married ,I feel so ashamed
How do I go back to beg her? I need help,all my relatives have  abandoned me too,I am frustrated with this child .I am still a small girl of 19 years please help me .”

Would you reveal your secrets to your wife as a way of ‘opening up’?

Shocking as the story might be, people  gave her a lashing for betraying her mum pointing out that she is only 19-years-old.

Here are some of their responses.

that_o.g28…A man shouldn’t come between mother and daughter but with a daughter like you she needs to keep you far away. If your child wasn’t deformed and your snatchable husband was around, you wouldn’t care about your mum.

You are not sorry you are hungry. I suggest you start working and learning.

jullyposh94…Hmmm.face your karma.don’t come and disturb our peace…to all the girls using kayanmata and juju to snatch peoples husbands or make them answer to all your frivolent request.chill your karma is under training

oluwaseunofafrica…Jesus 😳 wickedness 😳 your own mother? 😢 crazy world

carie_brown😂😂😂 …Karma is a b*tch 🤷🏽‍♀️🌚 I’m so happy for you, stupid! Enjoy 😂🧚🏾‍♀️

chamrenlove…So you didn’t remember you were a small girl when you ran away to get married.

mr_morulaI…f u are smart enough to steal ur mum’s boyfriend at 19,then u are obviously good enough to find a solution from ur current predicament

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