I steal from him when he comes home drunk especially on weekends

A hilarious confession from a frustrated wife on how she teaches her man a lesson is trending on Tiktok.

The story recounted by several says

‘I steal from him when he comes home drunk . I take everything then write a new receipt and stash in his pocket ( I bought a receipt book for this work) kwa receipt I add guarana and when he questions about the lost money naanza kuzusha nikiuliza kwanza guaran kumi zikilkuwa za nani and he takes Guiness …kesi inaisha ..kwanza weekend huwa harvest time..job huwa peak..’

The hilarious note shows what many men go through but KOT are also adding it is time women ‘changamka’.

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree and what are some of the outrageous things you have heard wives do to teach their man a lesson?

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