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I stabbed my husband after he told me to leave our six year marriage

Maina Kageni was caught in a situation and found it so surreal.

A woman over the weekend got into a domestic fight with her husband after he asked her to leave. He actually wanted her to leave her, after six years of marriage and he said ‘I’m done with you, get out of my life’.

So she took it easy and on Sunday when she was supposed to pack and leave, she went absolutely crazy. She stabbed him in the arm, twice. Luckily, the neighbors heard the commotion and came and rescued him. She was taken to the police station where she spent two nights. and is now out on bail.

And when Maina met her he asked her just one question – Why didn’t you just go, he doesn’t want you anymore?

She responded,’I am going nowhere and this relationship is not ending. Siendi mahali.

In her mind the weekend incident did not happen. That man is not leaving her.

Maina sought to know from listeners what they mean when they say they are not leaving regardless.

‘What do you mean by you are not going nowhere ladies?’ Maina continued.


He opened up the discussion to listeners and those online.

Others were of opinion that the guy could have looked for a better way to tell her woman that the relationship was over. Most of the ladies were of opinion that they could not walk out of the relationship without having a place to head to.

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When they are in a relationship they tend to be settled hence when asked to leave they cannot. One male caller said that when a woman wants to kill you they can without hesitation hence the lady in question should be talked to before killing the husband.

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Among the callers were men with different opinions on the same. The comments were;

Women should understand that were are nothing but strangers and if I asked one to leave she should because she is not my mother and I will inform the security not to allow her back to my house.

Do these women understand that at times we are not in love with them. We just marry them to have children and thus all so they should leave.

When someone is not interested in you anymore and asks you to leave there is nothing you do to change their mind.

One caller was of opinion that if you want to leave a woman you should tell her in a more passionate way. When you just wake up one morning and tell someone that you have been staying with you wanna leave them it really breaks their heart.

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