‘I sold women’s body parts with b**bs ranging from Ksh80k to 25k’

Boniface Kimanyano is a changed man but nothing prepares you for what his former life was like given that he at some point sold women’s body parts.

Speakind during an interview with Ebru TV, he says that he started crime as a young man while still in Kayaba Mukuru Primary school.

This is where he used to steal miscellaneous stuff such as biro pens and other fancy stuff that other students came with.

“One day I fought with a fellow student and I badly hurt him ,my parents were called and told that they had to go home with me since the school couldn’t accommodate me anymore.

My mum also got fed up with me and threw me out of the house so I went to the street and they welcomed me so well.

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One day I stole a handbag from a woman and the taxi people around the are gave me a bad beating so I decided to upgrade my crime nikaanza kupiga watu ngeta.

Due to my young age my role was to pickpocket the victims once the older once overpowered them.

The constant use of drugs made me go and live in grave yards and that is where I almost lost my life after I tried kupinga mtu ngeta not knowing he had a knife,he tore my stomach lining and left my intestines protruding.”

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He goes on to narrate that as time went by he drowned deep into crime, he saved up and bought his own gun so that he could be more involved in robbery plans.

“Someone had given us a plan of a woman we were to rob in Bellevue,at exactly 8.00pm she arrived and after she alighted I took out my gun and attacked her, took her laptop and her handbag and handed it to my colleagues.

Little did we know that there were flying squads place in the area and that is when the gun fight begun,our driver ended up being short. I ran for my life and found solace in a nearby church thinking that I was safe.”

‘Some clients took advantage and just raped me, getting HIV saved my life’ Narrates former prostitute

Boniface goes on to narrate that the police got to him hit him and threw him at a nearby river thinking that he was dead, but he wasn’t.

“After being thrown into the river I lost all consciousness. I was told that I slept in the water and later the police came took photos and put me into a police car and took me to city mortuary.

When the drugs started wearing off I started feeling so cold and I wondered where I might be, on turning I saw people sleeping on the corridor and I thought to myself that this might be a police station.

I went back to sleep and on waking up I turned and that is when I saw my fellow colleagues who had been shot the previous day, then it dawned on me that I was in a mortuary.”


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He continues

“I stood up walked to the door and found it locked ,when the mortuary attendant opened the next morning his keys fell and that is when I decided to run,when he saw me he ran so hard and went to Kilimani police station and ran straight to the OB ,I was still running after him because I was feeling so cold and I only wanted to take his overall.

Eventually I took the overall and his phone and took a matatu back home, a week later the police started looking for me .

A certain friend of mine told me to seek the services of a witch doctor to help make me invisible. When we reached the woman gave me a human skull containing blood and told me to drink up or else I would drop dead.”

Just when he thought that things were getting easier, he goes on to narrate that immediately he drank the blood he started speaking to people who had already died.

He was later buried for three days, the next requirement was for him to take a kid (baby goat ) only two days old every month something he did for three months before giving up altogether.

Boniface narrates that after being sentenced for five years for robbery with violence a friend of him reached out to him and suggested that he had a new venture which involved selling women’s b**bs.

“We were called somewhere in Town and up to day I can’t remember the place because they gave us a drink to make us drunk.

We were cut a little and given some blood and just like that we were given the contract to be selling b**bs. We used to go to Eastleigh and buy a drugs called flexture which used to make women drowsy.”

Boniface and his friend go on to narrate how they carried out the inhumane  mission

“We would cut out their boobs,and the rule was to never cut the left one since one might die.

The money made depended on how big the b**bs were, the prices ranged between Ksh 80k,30 and 25k, but when the news started spreading we relocated and started visiting accident scenes.

We started giving orders in mortuaries but one day when we were to pick our package from Kenyatta mortuary the police emerged and the undertaker ended up being arrested.”

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